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Dimethyl carbonate

Dimethyl carbonate

CAS No.: 616-38-6


English name: Dimethyl carbonate
Molecular formula: C3H6O3
Molecular weight: 90.08
CAS No.: 616-38-6
Molecular structure:
Ethyl Methyl Carbonate
Physical and chemical properties: colorless transparent liquid, pungent odor. Relative density 1.073(20/4℃), melting point 2 ~ 4℃, boiling point 90.2℃, refractive index nD(20℃)1.3697, flash point (open cup) 21.7℃, viscosity 0.664 mPa•s. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents.
Function: used in chemical synthesis methylation agent and carbonylation agent, also widely used in food antioxidant, plant protective agent and other fields.